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Google Beats Human in GO Game

Google Beats Human in GO Game

Technology really is taking over the world. Is had been brought to our attention today that Google’s DeepMind AlphaGo program beat South Korea’s Lee Se-dol in the first of series of games in Seoul.


A computer has previously beaten the world chess champion, but the Chinese game GO is known to be much more complex, and was yet to be beaten by a computer. Until now.


It had seemed as though Mr. Lee was set to win, he held the upper hand throughout most of the game but in the last 20 minutes began loosing his cool. The AplhaGo took an unassailable lead, forcing Mr. Lee to actually forfeit.


Some may argue that this means that the computer didn’t actually win, but if it was against two humans then the last man standing is the winner. In this case, the computer is the clear winner. This is big, huge really. It’s not the first time that a computer has beaten a human, but this is making the whole thing become bigger and better.


Computers are going to start taking over the world, it has been happening at a rapid pace for the past two decades, and in two decades’ time we can only imagine what it is going to be like. There may not be flying cars and robot maids like we have seen in futuristic movies, but we are not far off the mark and I am sure that we will surprise ourselves by thinking so naively when we imagine the future of technology.


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