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Why Hootsuite is Sweeter

Why Hootsuite is Sweeter

Enter Hootsuite, the owl promoted, cloud based, social media management system!

In my time working for Web Design East Kilbride, social media has been the foreground of my focuses. I run social media accounts for our clients (if they so desire, if not they can run them themselves) and let me tell you, jumping between profile to profile, site to site, it gets tedious after a while. Having all those different tabs open in your browser can definitely take it out you, and that’s EXACTLY why I sought out a program that allows me to run multiple accounts, on various platforms, simultaneously.

I started off my journey through the social networks with a program known as BuzzBundle. This program is owned by the prestigious SEO Powersuite, a software package that includes various different Search Engine Optimisation tools, such as Rank Tracker and Spyglass, essentials for the budding SEO expert. Buzzbundle’s user interface is easy on the eye, displaying multiple news feeds from different profiles on the one tab.

This feature allows you to view all happenings on the multiple social networks your business is in.

However, it is best to separate your feeds into different sessions, as when an uneasy amount of profiles is used, the feeds are barely visible, killing the seamless transition between different networks. The function that I use the most is the ability to publish a post on different networks, as well as scheduling, at the click of a button. This allows the user to save a substantial amount of time, and denies the need for the classic copy and paste across 5 different networks. With Twitter’s 140-character limit, it can be slightly infuriating when you create a masterpiece of a post, only to have the red version of the infamous Twitter icon appear below your post, a hint that you need to remove some of your stellar content. But I digress, that is a problem that I’ll have to blame on Twitter rather than Buzzbundle. The fact that Buzzbundle are kind enough to warn you that you’re over the character limit is a lifesaver.

Due to the festive season approaching (which brings the holidays with it, woo!) my main concern is scheduling posts to be published in my stead. Sadly, Buzzbundle is a program on the desktop, and if not opened, no functions will be carried out unless the desktop is left on for the entirety for my holidays. This is extremely detrimental to my work.

If only there was a cloud based application that continued to carry out it’s function when the user is not present…

Enter Hootsuite, the owl promoted, cloud based, social media management system! In the walls of Web Design East Kilbride, I was given Buzzbundle to use, and my coworker was given Hootsuite, only fair as we were testing both candidate out for our company’s use. Whilst I updated content manually through Buzzbundle’s interface on my desktop, I noticed my co-worker queuing posts for the weekend, THROUGH HER SMART PHONE. Envy soon struck, and I started using Hootsuite. It’s friendlier user interface, which was more reminiscent of a social media platform in itself, the experience was comfortable, as well as functional. After a week of use, I received an email which included a weekly analytics report. This was the final nail in the coffin, it was as if I had a team helping me run these accounts. With a report of the number of clicks a day I had, geographical info on where the viewers were situated, this helped me view my target audience for each account.

All in all, Hootsuite was EXACTLY what I was looking for. Seamless transition between accounts, an automatic weekly report on my account’s progress, a friendly user interface and the ability to schedule posts that will publish even if my account is not active.

Perfect for the Chritmas holidays!