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Magento East Kilbride

The Internet is a vast expanse, holding a plethora of unique websites. Its diversity is what makes it a key part of our everyday lives. It’s frightening to think about how our lives are so dependent on it. We use it for a multitude of purposes, such as updating our Facebook status, tweeting, blogging, taking a photo of that cracking dinner you had last night, and last but certainly not least, online shopping. Web Design East Kilbride is fully versed in operating this front of the internet. We do this by using Magento.


How Essential is Online Shopping and Magento?


Having this feature at our disposal totally negates the need to leave the house to get to that favourite shop (I always mention it but Britain’s weather puts you right off leaving the house regardless). Why not make yourself comfy and have a browse of your favourite outlet online? All of this is not possible without the select few who specialise in creating these lifesaving websites that you are able to purchase goods from. These modern day heroes are responsible for ensuring that there are no complications when ordering a new pair of jeans online. These people, specifically in this case, are experts in an eCommerce program known as Magento. Here’s some things about Magento East Kilbride.


What is Magento?


Magento is the number one, open-source management system for online stores. It allows the user to get a glimpse into the inner workings of the website and edit almost anything about the website with ease. You can access the details for each individual product, set prices, add descriptions and images and ultimately make the website as functional and efficient as possible.


All of this sound a little bit out of your depth? Don’t fret; the very best web design agencies (such as ourselves) are fully versed in Magento. We can set up, and maintain, a Magento site to manage your eCommerce needs. Don’t worry, we won’t take absolute control on your site, you give us the prices and ideal descriptions that you want and we will make the appropriate changes to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Here at Web Design East Kilbride, we guarantee that our Magento services are unparalleled.


Magento and Ebay


Did you know that Magento is integrated with Ebay? This gives way for an easier experience when using Magento. This also allows Magento to interact with a vast number of different online marketplaces, 23 of which belonging to Ebay, 7 belonging to Amazon and 2 of which belonging to Rakuten. However, Rakuten’s marketplaces are only accessible in the USA, but that is looking to be changed in the near future. Furthermore, the integration gives us web designers a lot of help, as it allows us to have access to some of Ebay’s distinctive and advantageous features such as:


  • Selling Format – Information about price related data, like “Best Offer”
  • Description Template – Registers a product’s aesthetic, and categorises it accordingly
  • General Template – Ensures that the products have a successful product listing, like Ebay.


All of the above can be used to the customer and business’s advantage.


So Why Choose Magento East Kilbride?


Magento is a trustworthy platform, as it contains the most up-to-date software, installed by a company with years of experience in the online market scene. Backed by the online giant Ebay, you can sleep easy knowing that your business is in the hands of a reliable, efficient service with powerful inner workings. Who better to help you start up your Magento eShop than the experts? Contact Web Design East Kilbride today!


So when you are seeking out a more effective and reliable means of maintaining your online business, make sure you invest in a Magento eShop to ensure your company’s success!