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Search Engine Optimisation

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Search Engine Optimisation

In todays digital era, the success of your business greatly depends on how visible it is on the Internet, be it on GoogleBingYahoo or any of the major search engines. You’d find that the majority of the public do not search for a certain website, but desire to broaden their horizons in search of better, more relevant websites, but how does one increase their chances of being on the front page?


The answer is Search Engine Optimisation.


But What exactly is Search Engine Optimisation


It is simply the art of adding more buzzwords to a page that are relevant to the company itself. For example, if you were to own a business solely to the hiring of taxicabs, one would link anything they could to the trade of the business, in this case hiring taxis. The average consumer, when seeking out a taxi service, would search “taxi service” with the location they are situated in. Chances are, someone in your business’s area is looking for a company with your price range and the mutual location. Wouldn’t it be a shame if someone were to miss your offers and were to choose another company who were higher up on the Google Search? To avoid this, listen well, as this could save your business (and make more cash).


Approaching a Web Design Agency about Search Engine Optimisation


When doing so, take into account their price range and other services they provide. Also bare in mind the quality of customer service; last thing you want is to rely on a company with a dismissive, amateur like attitude. To investigate these traits, examine the customer testimonials, these are reviews left by previous clients, containing the relevant information that you desire, such as an overall rating, quality of the finished product, and how their business has benefitted from their services. Another good thing to do is to make sure that they do perform SEO services (you’ll find that the best ones do).


Receiving a Quote on Search Engine Optimisation


This gives you an idea on how much you will be spending on your websites improvement. The prices can vary depending on how much work you need to be done on your website. Look into any special offers and promotions they might do, or wait until there is one (if your hearts set on saving that extra bit of cash). They may even offer SEO training for a price as well. As the saying goes:


“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”


With SEO training, you can certainly reap the rewards. You will become self sufficient, without the need of constant referral to the business. As someone who is educated in this trade, I suggest you trust me when I quote that famous saying.


Once you have the quote, the final step would be making your decision. When doing so, make sure you have:


  • Made sure they are reliable
  • Ensure the services are all they have been built up to be, do this by checking examples that may be featured on their website, if none are shown, ask them for a link to one of their other clients for reference
  • Checked their legitimacy as a company. Nobody likes a scam
  • Check your original place in the search engine. Using your starting position as a reference will be an easier way to track your overall progress


Profitability With Search Engine Optimisation


If you cannot financially support these services, using them will be detrimental to your cause, as failure to pay these agencies could result in the website they have created for you being shut down until the payment is made (as a witness of this, it’s not pretty, please make sure that you can make the payments on the dates specified).


Progress with Search Engine Optimisation


Congratulations! At this stage, you may have an agency doing their utmost to get you higher in various search engines! All you need to do now is keep in touch with the agency, incase any problems or concerns arise, and be vigilant incase they try and contact you. Nobody likes a time-waster. The company will make sure that more buzzwords, and links are inserted to your website, increasing the chance of someone searching “taxi services (name of location)” to stumble across your services. They will perform the adding of “Alt Tags” to pages, articles and photos. This increases the chances of these individual items to appear, providing another means of finding the website.


Time has passed, and you want to check if your company is progressing. This could be made evident through the amount of sales that you have had. If you are still curious, remember when you took note of your first position on the search engines? Well this is where it comes in handy. Hopefully by now you are in a much higher position, with a glamorous website at your disposal. If so, congratulations, you have witnessed the magic of Search Engine Optimisation. If nothing has changed, or worse, you have decreased in ranking, well it’s time to find a new company to help you, as they have not done as they have promised. The problem may have been on your end, so remember to log your activity to refer to where you went wrong.


Search Engine Optimisation is incredibly useful in todays modern world, will remain to be useful in the world of tomorrow, so best start now and rise through the ranks of your competitors!